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The Snow Sister


Embark on an icy but heartwarming adventure with

The Snow Sister!

Get ready for a burst of joy and giggles as we invite your little ones to join in a flurry of fun with the Snow Sister!


Whether she's twirling in her signature adventure dress, gracefully crowned in her regal outfit as a new queen, or staying cozy in her light blue winter outfit adorned with reindeer detailing, this princess-turned-queen is sure to delight every one of your guests. 

The Snow Sister is the epitome of warmth and optimism, and a true adventurer at heart. Her friendly and open nature immediately endears her to those around her, and she loves teaching little ones about bravery, resilience, and the power of love and friendship. 

This character loves to tell stories of adventure and magic, and you can certainly expect iconic sing-alongs to your little one’s favorite songs. She  loves reminding children to use their imaginations; in fact, you may even see your guests ‘building a snowman’ or ‘practicing their ice powers’ right there in your living room!

Hear this character sing!

Outfit Options:


1st Story

princess snow

2nd Story



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