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Sand Dunes

Magic Carpet Princess


Hear this character sing!

Soar Into a Whole New World with

The Magic Carpet Princess!

Make your celebration shining, shimmering, splendid with the Magic Carpet Princess! Her presence evokes tales of adventure, courage, and the pursuit of freedom in a world filled with magic.

Her iconic turquoise attire and cascading sapphire jewelry create a visual spectacle that captures the essence of her royal kingdom.

Beyond the palace walls, this independent and fearless princess is a storyteller! She enjoys sharing tales of wonders and lessons in courage she learned on her adventurous journey, while encouraging children to soar on magic carpets of their own dreams and imagination.

Let your celebration be touched by this princess’s spirited charm, creating memories that shimmer with the enchantment of a world of courage, freedom, and the magic of believing in oneself!

magic carpet
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