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The Ice Queen


Let your unique power shine with

The Ice Queen!

Create a celebration filled with snowflakes, songs, and enchanting magic that will leave your child and their friends with hearts aglow and memories to cherish forever!

Step into a world of frosty enchantment with The Ice Queen, adorned in her signature ice-blue gown, white adventure dress with crystal accents, or her fluffy-collared royal blue winter attire.

This character is not just about enchanting ice–she also loves to share the lessons she learned throughout her journey, when she was able to overcome her fears and embrace her true self through the powers of friendship and love.


Through captivating stories and interactive activities, she will help little ones “practice their ice powers”, and always encourage them to believe in magic and never be afraid to be themselves. A highlight of parties or events with this character is sing-along performances featuring iconic songs that will transport your child into the heart of their favorite story! 

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Outfit Options:

ice queen

1st Story

ice queen

2nd Story

ice queen


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